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Here you will find complete information about our game for everyone, mog™, including how to play, the principles underlying its construction, and how to buy your own mog™ game kit.

Additional resources are provided for visitors interested in the educational aspects of our game, and for commercial visitors interested in becoming manufacturers, distributors or retailers.

Take your time, there’s no need to rush. We are going to be around for a very long time. We know you will be fascinated, entranced and captivated. Enjoy.

game kit and lid
What you see: The game set up to play, with the game kit lid.

The Game You Play

mog™ is a two-person roll-and-move board game with a difference. Actually, it has many differences. For the most part, aside from the unique construction of the playing field, these are not visible to the players. mog™ is designed to provide a contest of wills between two real live people, without the distraction of clumsy and obstructive rules or mechanisms, and with the assurance that there will be a deserving winner. All the rules work. The players are equal.

A typical game will take around twenty minutes, and there is no time to become bored or distracted. To win, a player has to follow their own strategy, but be always aware of how to thwart their opponent’s strategy. This is a game that will test your endurance, your concentration, and your emotional stability, all in the space of time you would usually give to drinking a cup of tea or filling in a crossword, and much more fun than either.

Intellectual Property

mog™ is a unique and original invention with an active commercial presence, and the game enjoys the protections of intellectual property that apply to all inventions and writings, which is, in the first instance, the copyright of its rules, documentation and designs.

The author has elected to market the game under the name ‘mog’, and has applied for trademark protection for this usage. The trademark has been granted in Australia and in Europe, and is under application in India, China, and USA.

The inventiveness of the game is apparent in a number of specific regards, and on this basis the author has also made application for patents. We have a received a grant of patent in the USA under US Pat 10,799,786, and have pending applications in Australia, Europe, India and China.

mog™ in the Marketplace

Commercial rights to mog™ are currently held, under license, by Thubanna Pvt Ltd, of Delhi, India, which can be contacted or viewed through it’s website, https://www.thubanna.com.

What You Get

A very short video showing the current (2020 – 21) production edition of the game. We open the box and can see the game-kit documentation, and the packages containing player pieces and accessories.