How We Play

The Game: Real Time, With Rules and Commentary;

This video is a game played in real time with a commentary explaining the rules and some of the players’ actions. Playing time is just under 20 minutes, which is typical for an implementation of the 10 x 10 board. The game-kit shown is the prototype.



`mog’ In A Minute: A Brief Explanation

Here we have a brief animation showing how to set up the board, how to move the pieces for a dice throw, and how a game might play out. The game shown here is a real game played in Chandigarh, India, Nov 2017. The set-up and pieces are a CSG render of the current commercial edition of the game.



Open The Box

This shows the current commercial edition (2019) of the game, as it is presently being marketed in India. We see the documentation, the construction of the board, the pieces and the accessories. This video is very short, only 20 seconds, so you may want to pause it as it plays just to see the items more clearly.